Sunday, December 5, 2010

50 Serves in a Row/ Continuous Serves Drill:

This drill involves the team to serve 50 serves in a row. The serves must be over the net and can not be out of bounce. This drill allows them to work together and concentrate on their serves especially since you do not want to be the one player that ruins the progress. 

One ball is given to each player. The player then flexes legs about 35 degrees keeping dominate foot behind the other foot. The non dominate shoulder is flexed about 90 degrees throwing the ball in front of them, while the dominate shoulder is abducted 90 degrees and elbow is flexed 90 degrees. Glenohumeral joint allows for great flexibility but terrible stability due to the joint flexibility of the shoulder, which also leads to great range of motion.  The player then contacts the palm of their hand with there ball. At his time back is flexed about 30 degrees and dominate foot is plantar flexed while non dominate foot is dorsiflexed. If done as instructed and with force the ball will go over the net and the next player will do the same thing until the team has completed 50 serves in a row.  

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